SIS goes Tasmania


Swinburne Islamic Society has organised a trip to Tasmania from 3rd December to 6th Decemeber.

We went to Launceston with jetstar, Departed Melbourne at 10 am (It was 2hr late).

Day one: We went to Coles bay and came back at night to our accommodation.

Tasmania Trips (2)

Day two :

Tasmania Trips (4)

Went to visit Cradle Mountain and Dove lake area, In the after noon we went to visit wall of Jerusalem national park.

Day Three:

Tasmania Trips (3)

We had a very Scenic trip from Cradle mountain to  hobert via Straun. In the afternoon we had visited Russell Falls. They are located on the eastern boundary of Mount Field National Park.

Day Four:

Tasmania Trips (5)

We went to Bruny Island by a ferrie and Came back to hobert and visited the over the top view from  the Mount Wellington.  We prayed Jummuah at Hobert Central masjid. In the afternoon we departed from Hobert to Melbourne.

We stayed in discovery holiday parks in cabin with 6 people.  We hired a 8 seater car and a 5 seater car.

It was quite an amazing trip.

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