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Before all the essays, quizzes and presentations (I.e. the heavy stuff) render you a social recluse, we’d like to take this opportunity to invite you all to our famous Islamic Awareness Week with our Welcome (back) BBQ. It will be held on 24th march Monday in front of GS building (big red building where our prayer room is). It’d be a great way to make new friends (and ditch your old ones), network and be a part of something truly beautiful. There will be some interactive activities, quiz, hena tattoo for sisters, cup cakes, Arabic Calligraphy, Dawah tables and Stalls of free books, Cds. We will also offer a prize for best photograph of the day.

Click here to join this event.
We hope to see you there!

• Display cultural diversity and help students building a strong network
• Create harmony between students and staffs.
• Promote the objectives of our society.
• Opportunity for our volunteers gaining lots of skills and knowledge

Program details:

  • Member registration booth,
  • Free BBQ, Drinks, Islamic songs(not loud) and lots of fun,
  • Free Hena tattoo for sisters
  • Answering any question regarding Islam or Islamic lifestyle.
  • Promoting future events
  • Informing students about university’s facility and service
  • Interactive quiz and prizes to offer
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