Assalamu Alaykum,

According to the declaration of Islamic council Victoria and board OF Imams Ramadan will start on Wednesday 10th of July.

Remember to make the most of your Ramadan by increasing your worship, including giving more charity, reading more Quran and doing more righteous deeds.

Our first iftaar of the month is this  2014

Tarawih: After Isha (Isha prayer starts at 7.30 pm from 2014)

Location:  level 3, 34 Wakefield street, Hawthorn 3122.

All events are open to all community members – Swinburne affiliate or not – free of charge. We will break fast immediately at sunset, and pray a few minutes later.


Iftar donation

Zayd ibn-i Khalid al-Juhani narrates:

– The Messenger of Allah, peace and blessings be upon him, said:

Whoever offers meal to his/her Muslim brother/sister at the time of iftar (the meal eaten by Muslims breaking their fast after sunset during the month of Ramadan), s/he receives as much reward as s/he has earned. Nothing becomes less of the reward of those s/he offered meal to. (Tirmidhî, Sawm: 82; Ibn-i Majah, Siyam: 40)

We hope to continue hosting iftaars for years to come—which we can’t do without your help.  Cost to provide Iftaar and Dinner for a day is $600. If you wish to provide money for food per day, please write your name down on the notice board in the prayer room. You can share a day with your friends and help them get the reward as well.

For direct Bank Deposit

Westpack Bank.

Account Name – Swinburne Islamic Society.

BSB – 033050 Account no – 243749

Please contact brother rushdi razik if you would like more information.